Part of our mission at ATNW is connecting with our community to share ideas and spread information about what we have learned. We are an interdisciplinary team that promotes collaboration and using best practices around assistive technology and the therapeutic techniques that support these items. 

Our goal is to provide the community with:
  • Shared Learning: We are available for trainings or informal discussions. These can take place in our clinic, another facility, a school, or someone's home. Topics could include:
                  -   Use of iPad for adaptive play and Communication
                  -   A developmental approach to using technology with children
                  -   Introduction to using picture symbols for communication
                  -   Making and using picture schedules
                  -   Computer access
                  -   Adaptive play
                  -   Seating for comfort and function
                  -   Beyond "Yes" and "No"
                  -   Using AAC strategies within social communication
  • Support: We offer needed services to clients, their families, school teams, and anyone else who is involved in enhancing the lives of people with disabilities.
  • Guidance: We strive to provide guidance to the community and region by providing current and relevant information about AT and related topics.   Please contact us for more information.
Please feel free to email/call us with suggestions –
go to the Contact Us page and Send Us a Quick Note!


Assistive Technology NW (ATNW) is our assumed business name, and each therapist is licensed as an individual limited liability company (LLC) and functions separately.