Question:  What types of therapy do you provide?

Answer:  In addition to assistive technology, therapists at ATNW are highly skilled in a broad range of strategies including:

  • Sensory integration
  • Feeding
  • Language stimulation
  • Speech production
  • Neuro-developmental treatment (NDT)
  • Handwriting
  • and much more.

We are also available to provide trainings for caregivers, educators, and other members of a client's team. Home and community visits can be arranged. This integral service helps transfer skills that are learned in therapy, to
other settings.



Question:  Do you offer groups?

Answer:  Yes! We believe it is important to facilitate skills in a group setting and try to match clients appropriately. We have found that group therapy allows people to practice their skills in a more natural way. In addition, interacting with peers can be very motivating.



Question:  How do I schedule?

Answer:  Please call or email one of our therapists to schedule directly. Appointment times and types can vary depending upon your needs.


  • Initial Evaluation.
  • OT or SLP treatment.
  • Extended OT treatments (longer than 1 hour)
  • Equipment evaluations: communication devices; seating; powered mobility; etc.



Question:  What insurance do you take?


  • We are all contracted with various insurance providers. Please call for details.
  • We will work with other insurance companies on a case-by-case basis.
  • We are also able to bill clients directly and provide an invoice so caregivers can seek reimbursement. We give a discount for this option.
  • We help clients obtain alternative funding through different charitable organizations.



Please call or email us with questions!


Assistive Technology NW (ATNW) is our assumed business name, and each therapist is licensed as an individual limited liability company (LLC) and functions separately.